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Great BC Business Sale communities participation

Rural and Non-Metropolitan BC

2 out of every 5 business owners in rural and non-metropolitan BC are expected to exit their business in the next 5 years. If you have an interest in business retention and entrepreneur attraction in your community - This is your time to shine!

Exhibit Your Community!

Have Your Voice Heard

The GBCBS is a platform to showcase the business opportunities, resources, incentives and lifestyle perks your community has to offer, whether you are a small rural community or a larger regional hub. Communicate directly to hundreds of interested buyers and investors from lower mainland BC, provincial, inter-provincial and international markets that you would otherwise not be able to reach, all in one convenient location in downtown Vancouver. 

Buyers and investors will be looking to start a business, buy a business, or expand an existing business into a new location. They may have limited knowledge about communities outside of the lower mainland and will be looking to you for guidance. They want to find a solid opportunity, a community that meets their business and personal needs, and more than one good reason to relocate!


Ask Yourself

  • Is your community looking for ways to attract new investment and entrepreneurs? 
  • Are you concerned that some of your business owners are getting older and won’t find someone to take over their business? 
  • Do you need new services for residents of your community?
  • Do you want people to know that your community has the resources and support to help newcomers thrive as business owners?

If you answered yes, the GBCBS was made for you.

How to Get Started


Attend Community Stakeholder Planning Sessions

Contact your local Community Futures to participate in a planning session to present your community's business resources, opportunities, incentives and lifestyle perks to buyers and investors.