Participate in the Great BC Business Sale

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Business Representatives

Showcase your inventory at the largest business tradeshow in the province! The GBCBS is an unprecedented opportunity to list your clients' businesses directly to hundreds of serious buyers and investors from the lower mainland, within BC, other provinces, and international markets.

Exhibit Your Business Listings!

A New Channel of Communication

The GBCBS is a simple, efficient and convenient way to showcase your business listings and meet with serious buyers, all in one venue over the course of one day. We reach buyers and investors through our marketing efforts and our strong network of partners and sponsors in commercial realty, business, and all three levels of government.

In order to help new and international buyers and understand how to navigate a business purchase and prepare for the tradeshow, the GBCBS is providing free training sessions before the tradeshow. During the tradeshow, buyers will learn more about doing business in rural and non-metropolitan BC through community stakeholders who will be showcasing their local business resources, incentives, and lifestyle perks as exhibitors. Additional exhibitor booths will be held by GBCBS partners/sponsors and representatives from government, economic development offices, business lending institutions, and other service providers. Together, we are working to help you achieve the greatest exposure to sell your businesses. 



Ask Yourself

  • Do you have business listings that would appeal to serious business buyers? 
  • Do you have potential clients who are thinking about selling their business in the next 3 years but haven’t moved forward? 
  • Would you like to connect with potential buyers who are looking for the right community and business opportunity, and who need a professional to guide them?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the GBCBS was made for you.

How to Get Started


List Your Businesses on Venture

Create a user account with GBCBS affiliate Venture Connect and list your businesses on their website free of charge. Once you are logged in as a user select "add new listing" and follow the instructions.

Ensure Your Businesses are Certified

When you create your listing on Venture you will be asked to indicate "yes" to a statement that you certify your listings’ valuation is reasonable and the seller is prepared to sell. An indicator will be placed on all certified listings to indicate the listings are part of the GBCBS. Listings will be visible online for buyers and investors to view before the tradeshows and will also be included in the printed Show Guide.

Attend a Business Seller Workshop

Refer to our Workshops page to view a schedule.

January 2021: the Virtual GBCBS Tradeshow

In January 2021 the GBCBS goes online as Canada's first virtual tradeshow to buy and sell businesses! Your experience at the Vancouver tradeshow will put you in a good position to apply what you learned to another group of buyers and investors. When you register to become an Exhibitor your business will automatically be listed at the Virtual tradeshow at no additional cost!

After the Tradeshows

Metrics & Analysis

Valuable information will be shared with the GBCBS’ partners and key stakeholders to help them make informed decisions about business succession and retention in BC communities. This will serve to help professional business sellers throughout the province. Please note that the data collected will remain anonymous - individuals will not be associated with their specific data set and their private identifying information will not be disclosed.
View the GBCBS Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.